Spikes are a common proofing measure for pigeon control, they act as a physical barrier and prevent birds from landing on protected areas.

Spiking can be used in conjunction with all other pigeon control measures.

Pigeon spiking is not a harmful method of eradication, it simply deters birds from landing in a specific area.

Advantages of a Pigeon Spiking System

  • Can be used to protect all areas, such as ledges, sills, chimneys and gutters, from pigeons attempting to roost or nest.
  • It is one of the simplest ways to deter pigeons permanently.  They are harmless and move the birds on from favoured roosting sites so your home or business can carry on undisturbed.
  • The spring loaded blunt needles gently tip birds off balance as they try to settle, encouraging them to roost elsewhere.
  • The sturdy polycarbonate base of the pigeon spike is unaffected by the elements, so you can fit them and forget them.
  • Our pigeon  spikes are installed by dedicated, expert avian specialists who take great pride in the high standard of their work.
  • It’s commonly seen on signs in front of shops, or on other protruding ledges and window sills.

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