Reasons to Use Bird Netting

Adaptable – Bird netting can be used to cover shelters, bridges, canopies and signage as well as building facades. Use it horizontally or vertically in any area, large or small.

Versatile – Can be installed permanently to protect your premises or used temporarily for seasonal problems.

Harmless – When correctly installed by a professional the netting system does not harm birds. It simply deters them from landing and establishing a roost on your property.

Cost effective – Can lower your cleaning and maintenance costs as bird fouling problems are reduced.


  • Bird netting and meshing is an effective, low-profile, and lasting solution against pigeon infestation.  You can install pigeon netting wherever you want to keep pigeons out.
  • Pigeon netting is a permanent long term solution to keeps pigeons out of a certain area.
  • Suitable for buildings that have semi-enclosed spaces & large open areas that invite pigeon roosting, perching, and nesting.
  • Pigeon netting is ideal for providing a protective barrier that excludes the birds from your property!

We will always carry out a free site survey to ascertain the best solution for you.