We applied Firegel to the Harrods Depository Building in Sloane Ave Central London.  It had a problem with pigeons sitting on the building and fouling the footpath below.  Once we installed the fire gel the problem was immediately resolved.

We applied Firegel to a very prestige residential building in London were all preventive measures needed to be discreet.


  • Birds see ultraviolet light so Firegel appears to them as fire.  Firegel keeps all birds off all structures without harming them.
  • It does so by altering their behaviour, not by acting as a physical barrier. Birds will completely desert a habitat, even one they have been using for years, once Firegel has been applied.
  • Firegel is great for listed buildings as it does not change the appearance of the structure and cannot be seen from the ground up.
  • Firegel is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive, it is an oil-based deterrent that’s unaffected by extremes of temperature, wind, rain or snow.  Making it perfect for the sometimes extreme weather in the UK.
  • Clients like it because it is discreet (only 8mm high), yet effective, even at long-standing nesting sites.
  • The pre-dosed dishes make for a neat and uniform finish.
  • It can be applied to steeply pitched surfaces without running (even to vertical surfaces).
  • It is quick and easy to apply.