Residential Pigeon Control

Pigeons that nest inside your home or on your roof can cause serious problems for your home and family causing both significant emotional distress and structural damage to your property. Click here for more information

Commercial Pigeon Control

If you own or manage commercial premises, Pigeon control is an important part of making sure your building, staff members, and visitors are safe. Click here for more information

Pigeon Netting

Netting and meshing is an effective, low-profile, and lasting solution against pigeon infestations.  Installation of pigeon netting is ideal wherever you want to keep pigeons out permanently. Click here for more information

Pigeon Spiking

One of the simplest ways to deter pigeons permanently is by using pigeon spikes. They are harmless and move birds on from favoured roosting sites.  They are a long lasting cost effective way to control most pigeon problems.  Click here for more information

Optical Deterrents

Fire gel is a new innovative system which utilises the pigeon’s ability to see in UV light it is great for listed buildings or where pigeon deterrents need to be discreet as it does not change the appearance of the structure and cannot be seen from the ground up.  Click here for more information

Pigeon Trapping

Pigeon trapping in London is very effective where the numbers of pigeons need to be drastically reduced. We can also use trapping on large buildings where pigeon deterrents may not be cost effective.  Click here for more information

Sprung Wire System

This successful and effective method of pigeon control consists of nylon covered, stainless steel springs with wires that are tightly fixed between stainless steel pillars.  Click here for more information


Often used as a last resort we can offer a shooting programme where other systems may have failed or in an emergency if a pigeon is trapped in a warehouse or food premises and cannot get out safely. Click here for more information


We are experts in the safe removal and disposal of bird fouling. The presence of bird droppings, nesting material, bird carcasses and parasites especially near and around people can pose serious health issues.  The Pied Piper offer a full fouling cleaning service. Click here for more information